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DISCover The Winner’s Edge

Gain the edge that championship teams enjoy with a customized clinic that shows you who is on your team and specifically how to maximize their performance.

 Big John Little will deliver an in person breakdown of your team’s assessments as individuals and collectively as a team. Learn More »

 We help you determine:

  • Who will emerge as team leaders and their leadership style.
  • What motivation strategies will be the most effective and ineffective for each member of your team.
  • How to connect with each member of the staff and your team in order to maximize their performance.

 Our half and full day workshops are what your program needs to gain “The Winner’s Edge”.



Leadership Lessons From Champions:

Benefit from some of the winning lessons and strategies employed by championship coaches such as Super Bowl winning coaches Tony Dungy and Bill Walsh, legendary NCAA basketball coaches Pat Summitt, John Wooden, Mike Krzyzewski and Rick Pitino and many more.

 In this workshop you will discover:

  • How to Create A Winning Environment
  • The Five Fundamentals of Great Teams,
  • The Four “R’s” of Overcoming Obstacles
  • The Value of Building a Legacy

 In either a half day or full day workshop, your staff or team will walk away with tangible action steps they can take to improve teamwork, cohesion and results.


The Five P’s of Achieving Victory

All winning teams and organizations know that the differences between success and struggle are often what occurs before the competition begins. 

 In our signature program, Big John Little will share “The Five P’s of Achieving Victory” in a thought provoking and interactive session.  Prepare to be challenged to think literally ‘outside of the box’ while considering your challenges and opportunities that impact how you view yourself and your team.

 Delivered as a half day or full day workshop, each attendee will walk away with a tangible reminder of their experience that they will continue to use and refer to as they pursue ultimate success.


The Team of ‘Me’ in Traditional & Social Media

 The age of anonymity is over.  Either by your hand or the hands of others, anything you do or say has the potential of becoming available for public consumption.  Protecting your most important brand, YOU, is paramount.

 In this half day workshop, Big John Little will help you navigate both traditional (radio, TV, print) media and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc). 

 You will learn:

  • The value of being considered a ‘good interview’
  • How to handle tough questions in an interview
  • The secrets to ‘charming’ any interviewer
  • How to protect your ‘brand’ on social media
  • What to embrace and avoid on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

 This workshop brings tremendous value to all levels of a team or organization, from top level management to the interns supporting the team and staff.


Customized Keynotes & Workshops

 Big John Little is available for conferences, breakout sessions and meetings where he can customize his existing programs on:

  •  Perfecting Presentation Skills
  • Leading with C.H.A.R.M. 
  • Understanding Personality Profiles
  • Successful Communication Strategies
  • The Most Important Question of All, “Do I?”


Be sure to ask about our ‘One Price’ option to reduce your overall costs and time. Organizations within 120 miles of Ft. Lauderdale, FL receive a 20% ‘Hometown Discount’

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