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  • One on One Coaching Package (Monthly)
  • An ongoing coaching relationship with Big John Little designed to help you grow as a leader.
  • 197
  • One on One Session
  • A one time personal coaching session with Big John Little to discuss your personality assessment.
  • 125
  • Personality Mini Assessment
  • "Discover Yourself" is an online personality test (assessment) for adults that generates a 6-page personality report. This version is a popular cost-effective assessment.
  • 17
  • Personality Standard Assessment
  • This English Standard Adult version of the Discovery Report is a comprehensive personality test (assessment) product. This version is designed to offer extensive feedback while being shorter than the full version.
  • 37
  • Personality Full Assessment
  • This extended length Discovery Report is our most comprehensive personality profile report. All new user-friendly, icon-based navigation makes this report fun and easy to read.
  • 57

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