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Top 3 Ways That ‘Drive’ Influences Your Organization

In continuing my series on the 52 Characteristics of A Champion, in this entry, I will examine drive.

A common challenge that leaders at all levels struggle with with their team members is trying to figure out, where does drive come from? Understanding how to motivate your team is largely accomplished by learning how to find that ‘secret formula’ to reaching each individual in a way that works for them. Conducting assessments on your team is one method, but additionally, you can take the time to examine the following keys.

  • Identify the Internal Drive –  Virtually everyone has some level of an internal drive for success. Even someone who seems to have a laid back, nonchalant attitude has certain factors that get their juices flowing. Maybe it’s accomplishing a major task. Perhaps it’s being part of a high profile team or project. For some it can be as simple as knowing they are appreciated by others. Certain team members are satisfied when they know they are bringing structure and value to the organization. An observant and invested leader should be able to see what types of things truly connect with each person on their team and how that influences their behavior.


  • Manage To The Individual’s Drive –  As a leader, once you’ve identified what types of things drive and motivate an individual on your team, it’s upon you to then adapt your communication and leadership style to match their needs. Football Hall of Fame Coach Joe Gibbs tells the story of a player with tons of untapped potential but didn’t respond to ‘hard coaching’. Gibbs realized that criticism and negative feedback were counter productive so he instead would  encourage and support this player, even if they made a mistake. The result was a dramatic improvement in effort, consistency and results. 


  • Have A Strategy to Cultivate Drive – You can’t be the same way with every person. For many leaders, the challenge is how to quickly identify the driving factors for each person on the team and be able to effectively ‘reach’ each and every person. This is often done by conducting a personality assessment either during the hiring process or at some point in either evaluation or corrective action. This insight allows the leader to create a strategy and action items to be intentional about reaching the individuals and developing a stronger, more productive organization.


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